Clean Plus Baby


WHAT IS clean plus baby?

Clean plus baby, an ultra-strong electrolytic water detergent is a kind of ionized alkaline water with abundant anionfor antiseptic washing.

Ultra-electrolytic water is the new term for electrolytic alkaline ionized water with over PH12.5.
Electrolytic alkaline ionized water is known as a cleaner used for office equipment, TV, kitchen and etc.

While electrolytic alkaline ionized water with PH12.0 takes 3 hours to eliminate the harmful bacteria, while the Ultra-electrolytic water with PH12.5 takes only 30 seconds to eradicate harmful bacteria including 0-157 E. coli bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio, Salmonella, etc.

At this time, in particular, by creating very strong level of Ultra-electrolytic water with PH13.5 level, we can give a good quality product with reasonable cost to our customers


  • Amazing Sterilizing effect
    Eliminates harmful bacteria such as 0-157, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio, Salmonella within 30 seconds.
  • Strong Washing effect
    It has a strong penetration and separation ability to degrade the protein and oil instantly.
  • Deodorizing effect
     Excellent effect to remove tabacco odors and other unfriendly smells without its own fragrance.
  • Bio-safety
    Colorless, Odorless, Harmless. It returns to natural water gradually after use.
  • Eco-friendly
    non-polluting and eco-friendly products without using any surfactant, emulsifier, artificial colors, preservative or any harmful chemical additives.

Product Types

Portable Spray Type

(Portable Spray Type)

  • Use : Portable Spray Type (Alkalinity, 12.5pH)
  • Eco Friendly : Colorless, Odorless, harmless
  • Weight : 340g.
  • Size : H: 170 x W:60 x D: 60mm
  • Capacity : 300ml
  • Material : ultra-strong electrolytic water
Refill Type

(Refill Type)

  • Use : Refill (Alkalinity, 13.5pH)
  • Eco Friendly : Colorless, Odorless, harmless
  • Weight : 640g.
  • Size : H: 198 x W:75 x D: 75mm
  • Capacity : 500ml
  • Material : ultra-strong electrolytic water

How to use

Portable Spray Type

Spray water on the objected things and wipe them off with a brush or a gauze
(only 30 seconds to eradicate harmful bacteria)

In case of Refill

  • Refill for Spray Type : Dilute 10 to one before use
  • Washing Type : Dilute at 30times (30ml of the cleaner into 0.9 liter of warm water) and soak a subject into plastic vessel for 5 ~ 10minutes and then shake it softly by hands and rinse it gently with clean water
How to use

Applicable Object

  • Applicable for baby milk bottles, pacifiers, baby clothes, dolls, toys, strollers, baby carrier, feeding pillow (seat), car seat, toothbrush and other baby goods
  • Also good for antiseptic washing of clothing for infants and children with an atopic dermatitis