Momby Feeding Seat


Momby Feeding Seat Support of baby's head Ergnomic design keeps baby in correct posion preventing vomiting and tympanitis(ear infection) Flexible design for baby's legs to rest comfortablyDispersion of baby's weight evenly.
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Safe Positioning
  • Ergonomic Design
    For Breast and Bottle Feeding.
    Holds the baby in the correct position for mother to feed with confidence.
    Relieves mother from back ache.


Correct Breast Feeding Position

Reduces the risk
of Flat Head Syndrome

Reduces back, shoulder
and wrist pain for mothers

Relieves the symptoms
of reflux and colic

Cradling approach

  • Use age : newborn infant ~ 6months
  • Colors : Blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Dimensions : Weight:180g.
    Size: H: 60cm x W:21cm x D: 13cm
  • Materials : Outer: Cotton. / Inner: EVA or PE Styrofoam